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MCC Homebuyer Benefits:


Increases the homebuyer’s annual income by providing larger tax benefits

Helps first-time homebuyers qualify for a mortgage loan


The longer the buyer is in the home, the greater the savings.


This program can be combined with the 5-Star Program to receive up to 5% Down Payment Assistance, in addition to the MCC tax credits.

Mortgage Credit Certificate

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who can explain the program to you.

First-Time Homebuyers (someone who has not owned a home in three years) can access tax credits available through the Harris County Housing Finance Corporation Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) Program. The MCC buyer receives a tax credit of 50% of the mortgage interest (up to $2,000 per year) each year for the life of the loan. The tax credit can be taken monthly as an increase in pay or annually as a tax refund, in addition to any normal refund due to the buyer. See a participating lender and ask about the MCC. Buyers can save money as long as they own and live in the home and pay on the mortgage.

To  Qualify

Maximum Income & Purchase Price Limits


Calculate:  See how much you can save!



Loan Amount


Times the interest rate


Approximate annual interest


Times the MCC Rate



Maximum Annual Savings*





To obtain your MCC and SAVE more

than $160 a month:

Federal guidelines limit savings at a maximum $2,000 per year. Savings continue annually for the life of the loan, based on actual interest paid on the loan, providing that the home remains the principal residence.

This is an example of typical savings with the Mortgage Credit Certificate:


Call a participating lender (see our Lender page)


Obtain a contract to purchase the new or existing home;


Meet program guidelines for a FHA, VA, RD or conventional loan;


Receive a reservation from your lender for an MCC to save 50% of your mortgage Interest;


Close on the purchase of a home, not a refinance.


Obtain the Mortgage Credit Certificate; and


Enjoy your tax savings and your new home!

*Location: Available within Harris County, but NOT within the cities of Houston, Baytown, Deer park, Friendswood, Pasadena or Pearland.

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